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Landing pages need to be to the point, easy to read, call for action and deliver transactional intent.

The best prospect for these landing pages:

  • Needs no technical or marketing knowledge
  • Is selling a product, service or building a contact list
  • Needs to know where their prospects or members come from
  • Is not about to waste money on something that does not deliver

If any of these are you simply use the very short form to the right and you will get a detailed email, a generic quote of prices and instructions on how to proceed immediately or at your point of need.

Completely custom solutions, developed specifically for you, available from $299 including one year of unlimited hosting and a new domain name! (You will learn why this is important ...) For more information click here.

For a ONE TIME FEE of only $99.99 I will create a page just like this for you that will:

  • Capture visitor's name, phone, email address and ZIP code (or another field)
  • Send your visitor a detailed email message immediately
  • Maintains a count of page views (your IP can be excluded)
  • Maintains a count of forms submitted giving you the ratio
  • Contain your 640x160 header graphic (can be created under a separate order or supplied by you)
  • Use your own background image or a choice of colors
  • Will be hosted on your web account (available from Web Hosting for as little as $5.95 per month)
  • Will not contain information that violates any laws or generally accepted morals
  • Will be in your possession within 48 hours after supplying the necessary content
Every order includes the report Clicks That Don't Buy Are Money Down The Toilet! which includes tips on how to make your Lead Generation System pay YOU!

You can purchase now and take immediate delivery of the files. Even then you may still send your text and graphic and will do the initial setup for you. If you need it installed there is a nominal $25 fee for installation. It will not work on GoDaddy - the worst webhost of them all. Web hosting is available from $5.95 per month - unlimited including unlimited email addresses.

* means up to 1000 page views per month. I also reserve the right to stop the hosting if you use black hat marketing techniques which point back to my servers.

If you prefer phones my cell is 678-439-8683 and you may also contact me with skype at thekencook.

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You will receive an instant email to the address you typed in here. It does not go into a database. I will follow up with you personally and directly. I hate spam.

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