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Brand Management and Reputation Management with military precision but the soft touch of a caregiver. Knowledge (intel) is your best defense ... and offense when needed!

Special Operations Unit

Brand & Reputation Intelligence

Secrets are best when kept from others not when kept from you. Regardless of the size of your business if you have been active for any length of time and have more than a handful of clients someone is talking about you. Perhaps they are talking online and perhaps they are talking offline. What are they saying? What impact is their story, the one they tell about you, having on your reputation? That is what we are here to answer.

Online Reputation Intel

Anyone can do a search on your name, address or phone number and come up with an amazing array of results. It would be a disservice to you to stop there. Although it is true there are many automated tools, we even use some of them, to ferret out information about your reputation stopping with those results only tells a small percentage of the whole story. We dig by hand, following leads, clues and trace evidence until we are able to confidently report with indepth knowledge about your reputation.

Offline Reputation Intel

Google and Facebook provide us with a great amount of information. Our competitors leave it at that and feel as though they are providing you a valuable service when it comes to your reputation. We see this as very short sighted even though the Internet does play such an enormous role in our lives and interactions today. We take it to where it really matters for most small business and that is directly to the mouths of current and prospective clients. Our operational tactics will arrive at a much deeper level of intelligence than the great majority of online only reputation management companies.

Damage Control

When your brand or your own name are compromised online and/or offline the effects can be devastating. Our senior agent will work with you to help determine a pathway to correction for your damaged or compromised reputation. Often times the initial consultation is all that is ever needed because what is learned in that hour or so together can be enough to give you the ammunition you need to quickly neutralize and repel the attack.

Web Content

Avoiding reputation damage or overcoming reputation damage is big business. In fact online reputation management is so big there are major corporations built around it. Perhaps those solutions are what your company needs. If you are looking for a reputation management company based in the United States with only domestic agents, a Senior Agent who was named a Reuter's Top 10 Small Business Expert in 2012, a Senior Agent who has owned and served in all capacities of small to enterprise businesses, and a team who prides their self on accuracy then you are encouraged to contact us for at least an initial consultation.

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