Modern Political Campaign Site

A Demo Landing Page With Auto Responder From iCobb


(The system will send you an automated response. What you will receive is a very simple example. You may provide as much content in plain text or HTML as you like. If you need a complex response we will work with you to make sure you get what you want. Additional fees may apply but probably not.)

On The Issues...

Political Rally Photo by Hotlanta Voyeur on Flickr Creative Commons 2.0

What To Expect (From your landing page that is)

  • Fully Responsive Layout - displays well on all devices
  • Fast Loading - we compress the images and use a loader
  • Built In Responder - you supply the message and when they enter their email it sends automatically
  • Built In Spam Protection - we have developed a simple, effect spam prevention system
  • Expandable - you can expand the content to more sections or even multiple pages (additional fees may apply)
  • Basic HTML - if you know basic html you can edit the content in any web editor or text editor

This is just a sample of what your campaign site can look like. As you see it here the price is $399. You provide the text to replace the existing text and we'll work together on the graphics and images.

It takes about 1 week to get the initial design back to you. Then we do one walk-through to identify areas you want to see changed. Those changes usually just take a day or two--then it's all yours!

Don't worry. If you want completely custom designs, more sections, more pages, more engagement--whatever--just let us know and we'll work with you to get the best solution for your investement!

Calling Attention To Hot Topics

Placing content here will help catch attention as your visitors are reading other important information on the page. This can be moved higher up, have a different colored header background, contain images or text, and can be styled other ways too. Just ask!


Contact us and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Marietta, GA